We are aware that to win big in electronic sports, it is not enough to know how to bet on a online esport casino, but it is also necessary to use certain strategies to reduce the advantage of the House. Here, we give you all kinds of advice so that you are better equipped to have success. To begin with, you should know that esports bets have a lot of similarities with classic sports bets. We clearly explain how the odds work so you know how to calculate your potential winnings. We show you how essential it is that you understand the value of Odds and we teach you the best way to analyze the performance of the teams involved in an event before you bet. We give you useful tips for better management of your budget. You should know that when you want to perform betting activities on a online esport casino, you need to set a gambling budget to know exactly how much you have to spend weekly or monthly in order to not fall into addiction. Similarly, you must set limits on winnings and losses that you must not exceed under any circumstances, regardless of the outcome of your bets. This allows you to limit the risks of being ruined. Finally, we make available to you articles with specific techniques for each esport bet game.